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Abdullah Ahmed Bin Rhama Al Mehairi was born in 1968 on the island of Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). He belongs to a well known family, famous for its special relationship with life at sea. His grandfather, Ateeq Rashed Bin Aryan Al Mehairi, was a famous Nokhatha (captain) with lots of memories and stories about pearl hunting (pearl diving) trips both locally and in the region.

Abdullah studied in Abu Dhabi before leaving to the United States for higher education. His ultimate love and passion about at sea never left him for a second though which is why he decided to go the extra mile and attend professional diving and underwater photography courses. Abdullah is now a certified SSI Advanced Open Water instructor (AOWI).

Abdullah is a father of 7 children and it seems that the love story between his family and the sea will never end as he regularly brings his children with him on his diving adventures.